Generative Power of AI Discussed at Karachi Conference

The generative power of AI and disruptive technologies is reshaping industries and societies worldwide. This transformative potential was the focal point of a recent day-long conference in Karachi, where industry leaders, innovators, and professionals gathered to discuss AI’s role in enhancing customer engagement and driving organizational growth. Organized by New World Concepts, the event featured insightful discussions on the advancements and applications of artificial intelligence in various sectors.

Generative Power of AI
Generative Power of AI Discussed at Karachi Conference

Generative Power of AI Discussed at Karachi Conference

Opening Address: Strengthening Technological Collaboration:

Consul General Yang Yundong’s Keynote Speech

The Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Karachi, Yang Yundong, opened the session with a compelling speech on the technological partnerships between Pakistan and China. He highlighted China’s leadership in AI and the mutual benefits derived from such advancements.

The Intersection of Mind Science and AI:

Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman on Mind Science and Human Behavior

UNESCO Science Laureate Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman delved into the intricate relationship between mind science and AI. His insights on how AI influences human behavior and societal changes provided a deeper understanding of the subject.

AI in Modern Life: Insights from Dr Aytul Ercil:

AI’s Role in Healthcare, Education, and More

Dr Aytul Ercil, co-founder and CEO of Vispera, shared her experiences in leading a tech-driven company. She discussed the pervasive role of AI in transforming various sectors, from healthcare to entertainment.

Panel Discussions: Real-World Applications of AI:

Technological Innovations and Organizational Growth

A panel discussion explored the impact of technological innovations on organizational growth. Industry experts shared real-world examples of AI implementation and its benefits in optimizing processes and enhancing customer experiences.

AI in Financial Services:

Expanding Access and Improving Literacy

Atyab Tahir, co-founder and CEO of HugoBank, highlighted how AI and data analytics are revolutionizing financial services, expanding access, and improving financial literacy.

Transformative Impact of AI on Health and Well-being:

Dr Zainab Samad’s Perspectives

Dr Zainab Samad from Aga Khan University detailed how AI is transforming medical diagnostics and patient care, emphasizing its impact on brain functions and social interactions.

Leveraging AI for Customer Engagement:

Panel Moderated by Sarwat Gilani

A star-studded panel discussed AI’s role in enhancing customer engagement, moderated by actress and entrepreneur Sarwat Gilani. The panelists provided examples of successful AI-driven customer engagement initiatives.

AI in Sports and Inclusivity:

Ronak Lakhani and Haseeb Abbasi’s Presentation

Chairperson of Special Olympics Pakistan, Ronak Lakhani, along with Haseeb Abbasi, highlighted how AI and sports are transforming the lives of differently-abled individuals.

Future of AI in Various Industries:

Ahsan Memon on Practical Applications

CEO of Ekkel AI, Ahsan Memon, showcased practical applications of AI across industries, emphasizing its role in decision-making and data analysis.

Boosting Sales and Creativity with AI:

Insights from Qashif Effendi and Abbas Arsalan

EVP of SBE Holdings, Qashif Effendi, illustrated how generative AI can enhance marketing and sales strategies. Former Coca-Cola VP Abbas Arsalan discussed AI’s power in driving creativity and innovation in marketing.

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The conference in Karachi highlighted the immense potential of AI and disruptive technologies in transforming industries and driving growth. From enhancing customer engagement to revolutionizing healthcare and financial services, the discussions underscored AI’s pivotal role in shaping the future. As technological collaborations between nations like Pakistan and China strengthen, the possibilities for innovation and development are boundless. Investing in AI and continuous learning will be crucial for leveraging these advancements effectively.


1. What was the main focus of the conference in Karachi?
A: The conference focused on the transformative potential of AI and disruptive technologies in enhancing customer engagement and driving organizational growth.

2. Who were some of the key speakers at the event?
A: Key speakers included Consul General Yang Yundong, Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman, Dr Aytul Ercil, and Dr Zainab Samad, among others.

3. How is AI impacting the financial sector?
A: AI is expanding access to financial services, improving financial literacy, and fostering inclusion in the financial sector.

4. What are some real-world applications of AI discussed at the conference?
A: Applications included AI in healthcare diagnostics, financial services, customer engagement, and marketing strategies.

5. How are technological innovations driving organizational growth?
A: Innovations optimize processes, reduce costs, and align with changing customer preferences, leading to increased revenues.

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